Dalley Piano Studio is dedicated to inspiring a love for music in students of all ages.  My core values as a teacher are:

In order to enjoy a lifetime of music-making, a student must first know and understand the basic concepts of music.  I provide a program of well-balanced instruction in technique, elements of performance, music theory and literacy, aural skills, and music history and appreciation.  I consider the individual needs and interests of each student to customize a lesson plan that will enable him to pursue music-making in any way he chooses, whether that be professional or amateur.
I hold high expectations for my students.  I also recognize each student has different levels of ability, development and interest.  As such, my standard of excellence is uniquely tailored for each student.  Most importantly, I expect each to give her best effort.  My goal is to inspire each student to excel beyond her own expectations.
I want my students to enjoy and appreciate piano, music, and music-making; and I know that as their teacher I am very influential in making this happen.  Students develop their enjoyment of music by understanding it, by experiencing success in music, by being exposed to a variety of good music, and by receiving instruction from a teacher who is enthusiastic and encouraging.  It is my goal to provide all of these opportunities for my students, and as a result their lives will be enriched as they enjoy the piano.
Dalley Piano Studio is located in northeast Rochester, MN.  Call the studio at 507.206.3630.