• a map to my studio
  • all Music Teachers: Get 20% off your first month with Music Teacher's Helper! : Try the website free for 30 days. Then if you decide to continue on with a subscription, get 20% off your first month! (The promo code stays valid for 6 months after you first click the link.)
  • Music Learning Community : Students in my studio can log in and play music theory games anytime. There are also some free games to try if you are not a subscriber.
  • Practice Spot - Infopedia : This site has great ideas for new ways to practice piano at home.
  • Practice Spot - Tools : This part of Practice Spot has free tools to help make you a better musician, like a music dictionary and manuscript paper/staff paper.
  • Ricci Adam's : This site has free music theory and ear-training exercises. It's customizable from beginner to advanced students' needs.
  • Teoria : This site has great exercises in both aural and written music theory. This site is best for early intermediate to advanced students.
  • Theta Music Trainer : This site has music theory and ear training games: some to play free and others for subscribers.
  • TonicTutor : Music theory games for students; some are free.